We wanted to provide an amazing and encouraging update on our gorgeous grant recipient Arianne McAllister!

She had received a grant from Meredith’s Miracles back in September but quite a bit has happened since then.
When we helped her, her cancer had started in her colon and moved to her liver.  Arianne had gone through a successful surgery and had begun chemotherapy treatments.  Her initial tumor was 6 cm. The follow-up scan found no trace of the original tumor.
In December, Arianne’s doctors at University of Virgina discovered the cancer had spread to her spine.  It was a 2 cm lesion.  That is when she began a new and different chemotherapy, which she describes as being “really harsh with awful side effects.”  Again, at a follow up scan Arianne’s team discovered “another miracle;” the scan was clear!
She finished her last chemotherapy treatment earlier this month and is currently cancer free!  She is being proactive in dealing with her own cancer. Arianne has even reached out to Colon Cancer Alliance about starting an Undy Run in Charlottesville, VA where she lives.
We, at Meredith’s Miracles, absolutely love this kind of updates from our grant recipients. Our eyes swell with tears and it brings pure joy to our faces. Keep on fighting sweet girl! We are so encouraged by your strength!

Read her original story here.

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