Y’all meet this precious woman, Marcie.

Marcie started to have some troubles with her bowels. Her doctor found that she had several hemorrhoids. While Marcie was in surgery to remove these hemorrhoids, the surgeon found that her condition was much more serious than originally anticipated. She was diagnosed with colon cancer and started treatment immediately.

As Marcie battles her colon cancer diagnosis and undergoes treatment, she is living away from her family, who live in a different state. She is unable to work at this time due to her treatment schedule. Marcie has been through the grind to find organizations who can help her and she found Meredith’s Miracles. We were able to help her out with one month of rent and one month of her car payment to help her battle seem just a slight bit easier!

Blessings to you Marcie! Keep on pushing on! 

Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation

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