One of our latest grant recipients from far out Hawaii just wrote us an incredible note with some personal history and how Meredith’s Miracles was able to benefit her…

Talofa and Aloha!!!

My name is LorMona Meredith (most people call me Mona).  I am Samoan and a mother to two adorable children – Marilei Lemalie, my 9 year old daughter and Adruen Daniel, my 5 year old son.  I am a single parent and I have worked for the University of Hawa’ii at the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) for approximately five years as the HIMB Office Manager.  I love music (all kinds), reading, going to church, learning new things,  spending time with my children and family, and helping those in need.

I have had chronic abdominal pain and related-health issues for the past 3 and half years with different diagnoses – irritable bowel syndrome, cholecystisis etc. No one could really tell me what was wrong with me nor could they explain why I kept having mysterious stomach aches. I began to live with the pain and accepted it as a ‘normal’ way of life. On yet another visit to the doctor’s office for the same stomach pain, a nurse practitioner looked at my history and concluded that it was the gall stones in my gall bladder that was the culprit. She suggested surgery. In 2011 I underwent cholecystostomy but a few days later was hospitalized due to a postoperative bile leak in my stomach cavity. Recently, a large tumor was discovered developing within the walls of my digestive system and in early March 2013 I was diagnosed with moderately differentiated ardenocarcinoma – Stage 3 Colon Cancer. I had an open subtotal colocetomy in late March 2013 to remove the tumor, and I am currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. I am on leave from work and did not qualify for temporary disability benefit income due to exhausting all of my sick leave. Family and friends have helped me stay financially afloat these past few months, and have been my rock and support network during this time.

My social worker and friend told me about Meredith’s Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation. I read about Meredith’s story and I immediately felt like I could relate to her!  I turned to Meredith’s Miracles for help and not only did they give me the help that I so desperately needed, they also gave me hope! They paid for some of my rental expenses and wanted to hear and share my story. I am grateful to Meredith’s Miracles for not only helping my little family out, but for the aloha (love), comfort and hope they give to others who are facing similar battles. One day, when I am well and back on my feet, I hope to give back to this great organization and to others who have shown me this great kindness. Thank you Meredith’s Miracles for truly blessing my family with your gift of aloha and hope. Thank you all for making these miracles happen! 

God Bless!!!
LorMona L. Meredith

Kaneohe, Hawai’i 

Thank you LorMona for sharing your story with us! Keep at it girl – keep fighting! We love hearing from our grant recipients and receiving updates on their lives; that is something that makes the hard work put into the foundation totally worth it. 

Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation

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