Joe Smith has Stage 4 colon cancer. He was diagnosed this past June while his wife Kristina was 7 months pregnant with their son. This wonderful young family of three currently resides in Missouri.

Joe wasn’t having any symptoms other than tiredness and heartburn.  He went to the doctor due to the urging of friends because he had “bad color.”  Upon discovery of his cancer, Joe’s entire colon was removed. They also discovered that his cancer at metastasized to his liver. Joe is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Although his wife continues to work as a teacher and a coach, Joe is unable to work. 

Kristina said they are always the ones giving the help and that it has been extremely humbling to have to accept help from friends and family. Kristina said they are having to swallow their pride. Kristina said they rely on God to get them through each day. She said their faith is everything to them.  Instead of asking “why us?,” the Smith family looks at it as “why is it us, that so many people have helped us and reached out to us and been so kind to?”  Their perspective and outlook is inspiring.  

Because Kristina is working, they are right above the cut-off for Missouri to receive any type of help yet are struggling to get by.  We were able to help out the Smith family by paying for the rest of Baby Boy Smith’s daycare for this year!  

Here are some sweet words from Kristina in emails between our grant committee:
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, we are so appreciative of the miracle that was bestowed upon us. I just cannot begin to thank you enough for what a miracle this truly is. We would never begin to be able to say thank you enough to you, your foundation, or the legacy of Meredith you are spreading in this world. Thank you, to each and everyone of you, who decided we were worthy of this miracle. It is sometimes on the hardest days, that God sends the most beautiful angels to our lives. Thank you for being one of ours!! Thanks, Kristina

Keep on living your faith Smith Family! Thanks for being an incredible inspiration. 

Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation

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