Jeannette is a beautiful 32 year old woman who was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent surgery in March of 2015.  She began a course of chemotherapy and radiation in May 2015 and is expected to last through October 2015.  She works 2 part-time jobs, one as a bartender and the other as a mushroom tech for a mushroom producer.  How neat! What a strong girl! She has not worked since her surgery in March and will be unable to work during her treatment.  Jeannette’s friends and family were able to raise some money this Spring for her medical and living expenses which is an amazing thing!!  Jeannette has managed to keep up with her bills so far, but will be relying on what remains of the $2,500 raised benefit funds to sustain herself until she can return to work in November 2015. MMCCF was able to help her with her rent payments! 🙂

Update: Jeannette wrote us an amazing thank you letter in June 2015 after she received her miracle.  She wrote, “Thank you all so very much for being able to extend such amazing generosity to me.” She said she “hadn’t a clue” how much we would be able to help her. She says, “I can only imagine the capacity of people you must help, if you were able to do so much for just me! Y’all are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for belonging to such a a great cause. Many blessings to each of you!

Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation

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