Here’s to highlight one of our March grant recipients, sweet Heather Roberts!

Heather had been having issues with her gastrointestinal system for quite some time before she was diagnosed with colon cancer. However, she was sent to a GI surgeon early because her mother had passed away from colon cancer. [Have we mentioned how greatly genetic colon cancer is?

She was unable to have a full colonoscopy performed due to an obstruction. She was sent directly to the emergency room and ended up having her entire colon removed as well as her small bowels. Three masses were found on Heather’s liver, which she had to have resected. Heather is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. However, she lost her job and subsequently her insurance THE day after her FIRST chemo treatment. Heather also has two sons that live with her. 

MMCCF was able to pay a couple months of her mortgage and car payments for this amazing women!!

Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation

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