Aron Kelley is a husband and father of 2 children (ages 12 and 14). He was diagnosed in October 2015 with stage 4 colon cancer.  Around the same time, he was laid off from his job as a part of a larger group. In November he received a call back to re-join the company but had to reject the offer in order to complete his chemotherapy treatments.


People that interact with Aron can’t help but mention his kindness. Aron was very touched by Meredith’s story and is extremely appreciative of our mission and anything we can do to help. He understands he cannot work a regular ‘job’ and is therefore making it his mission to fight the cancer to the best of his ability and simultaneously do everything he can to ensure his family doesn’t have to endure any additional lifestyle hardships during this battle.


MMCCF was able to grant Aron and his family a miracle to pay their cell phone bill for one month plus water and electric for two months. We feel so blessed for the opportunity to help such a man in his fight with cancer. This is an example of the many stories that we hear on a daily basis. Everyone at MMCCF is beyond thankful for your continuing support of these amazing young STRONG souls.


Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation

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