One of our recent grant recipients Aaron is a 27 year old gentleman that lives in South Carolina with his beautiful wife and two adorable sons.  He used to work in a facility as a shipping and receiving manager.  Aaron currently is on disability due to his medical condition.  

Aaron was living a normal life until last summer when he began having stomach pains. He visited the Emergency Room twice with stomach pains. After the second visit,  doctors misdiagnosed him with Crohn’s disease, which can be commonly discovered in your twenties.  During his stay in the hospital, his colon ruptured. Since Aaron had a positive family history for colon cancer, his doctors elected to perform a colonoscopy. Aaron has lost his mother to colon cancer.  They found several polyps in his colon and ended up medically inducing him into a coma.  Aaron now has a temporary ostomy bag and has undergone over 5 rounds of chemotherapy.

We were able to help Aaron and his family by granting one month’s rent and car payment to help relieve some financial concerns that can come along with the diagnosis of cancer.
Blessings to this sweet family! Keep on fighting Aaron!

Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation

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