Raising Awareness

It is certainly not common for a 23 year-old female to have colon cancer, or any cancer, for that matter. However, it is not impossible, and this perhaps is the greatest reason for Meredith’s cancer to have gone undetected for so long. Had Meredith been more of an advocate for herself and her health and pushed harder for answers from the medical community, her story might have been very different. Early detection is the key to a promising prognosis with any cancer.

At Meredith’s Miracles, we challenge young adults to listen closely to their bodies, to establish a relationship with a doctor they trust, receive regular medical exams, and to remember that serious health problems can strike at any age.

We share Meredith’s story and the message of “taking charge of your own health” through a short presentation to young audiences primarily at college and high school campuses. To schedule a speaking engagement with your organization, contact Julie Holbert at julie.holbert@hotmail.com